Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce

Although Anson County's population is less than 30,000, the population within a 30-mile radius is more than 259,000, with an effective workforce of 68,500. Of those, more than 30% hold a college degree or certificate, and industry and technology training programs at South Piedmont Community College add an estimated 150 certified candidates to the workforce each year. Currently, more than one-third of Anson County's workers hold jobs outside of the county, creating a ready pool of qualified and willing potential employees in fields ranging from banking to customer service to manufacturing.

North Carolina Wage Standard

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21st Century Manufacturing


Companies locating in Anson County can tap into the pipeline of skilled manufacturing workers who have completed one (or More) of South Piedmont Community College's 21st Century Manufacturing programs. Designed to quickly and effectively provide both new and transitioning members of the workforce with the specific skills needed to perform today's technology-dependent jobs, the four programs -  CNC Operator + Quick Start, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Mechatronics (Basic Industrial Maintenance) and Advanced Mechatronics - are offered on a continuous basis with new cohorts starting each April, June and September.  

Customized Traning


 The Customized Training Program provides education, training and support services for new, expanding and existing business and industry in Anson County through South Piedmont Community College and its network of training partners throughout the state.  The goal is to foster and support three key aspects of your company's well-being:

Job Growth

Technology Investment

Productivity Enhancement