Economic Dashboard

Labor Market

Anson County has a labor force of 10,677, with an effective regional labor pool of 257,163. Of those, approximately 10,000 are currently seeking employment.

Unemployment Rate

Anson County's unemployment rate has mirrored the gradual decrease seen throughout the state and the nation over the past 24 months. The most recent figure, March of 2018, indicated a rate of 4.8% for Anson County compared to 4.3% for North Carolina and 4.1% for the United States as a whole.

Wage Standard

The wage standard represents the average hourly wage paid by employers in the county across all job descriptions. It is used as a qualifier for many state an local incentive programs. While Anson County's wage standard has risen steadily over the past three years it is still one of the most cost-effective labor pools in the Charlotte area.